Call Us Now    956.331.3009 provides lawn care service and maintenance.  We will work to keep your landscape looking healthy, clean, and attractive (whether it's a big yard or a small garden).  We offer several packages which may include mowing lawn (mulching), edging walkways/driveways, blowing off grass cuttings from sidewalks/driveways, applying weed and grass poison between cracks on sidewalks/driveways, removing weed from flower beds, weed control by actually pulling out weeds by the roots and/or using weed and feed, minor trimming, and leaf clean up.  Also, because we are already there, we will give you a discount on other services such as: keeping an eye out for termites and applying termite poison to affected areas as needed, taking care of an ant problem, trimming large trees, power washing, planting plants, etc.

​We offer routine monthly lawn care service for your residence or business.  If you need more than a monthly service, just let us know.  If you need a one-time service, just let us know.  We are here to help make your lawn look its best.

Lawn Care Services